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I will go down with these ships:
    Olicity (Oliver/Felicity-Arrow), Marlie (Mike/Charlie-Graceland), Destiel (Dean/Castiel-Supernatural), Sterek (Stiles/Derek-Teen Wolf), Scisaac (Scott/Isaac-Teen Wolf), Pydia (Peter/Lydia-Teen Wolf), Jaienne (Jaime/Brienne-GoT), Joanlock (Joan/Sherlock-Elementary), Swanfire (Emma/Neal-Once Upon a Time), Rinn (Rae/Finn-My Mad Fat Diary), Ichabbie (Ichabod/Abbie-Sleepy Hollow), FitzSimmons (Leo Fitz/Jemma Simmons- Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Knalice (Will/Alice-OUAT in Wonderland), Dandy (Danny/Mindy-The Mindy Project), LoVe (Logan/Veronica-Veronica Mars) Outlaw Queen (Regina/Robin Hood-Once Upon a Time)




The problem with being a fan of Sleepy Hollow is the allure of Ichabbie. I’m trying to resist it but it’s just. so. shiny.


Why would you even try? Why would you even WANT to try? Don’t fight it, just surrender to the inevitable. 



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→ Chapter 14 - "Beginning of the Next"



Just like that. 

Her heart had been full to bursting and she let everything spill out in front of him. Now she felt … not exactly empty … more hungry. She wanted to stuff herself back up; she felt deflated, incomplete.

He’d taken a piece of her with him, along with all the light in the sky. The sun was setting as she watched Arnie drive him away in the car, and by the time she turned and walked up the stairs to her room, the darkness had overtaken. Whatever else she dreaded about life, Rae had never feared the dark before, and she was determined that she wouldn’t let herself start now. 

Everything had happened so fast, she hadn’t had time to think about what his going would feel like. What it would mean to not have him down the hall and up the stairs. Or in the garden. Or waiting at table. He was truly out of reach and her palms itched, knowing they couldn’t touch him. 

Rae felt proprietary over Finn in a way that she never had about anyone else. She didn’t understand it, nor did she like it. In her core, she didn’t believe that people belonged to other people, but she was beginning to believe that sometimes people belonged together. She was afraid to believe in anything like fate, because maybe that meant she deserved to be sent away. Could being sent away have been a cosmic preparation to meet Finn? Or was life utterly chaotic, and if you found someone you loved, you should hang onto them with all your might, because they might float away if you didn’t?

Now that he was gone home, she had nothing to hang onto. She was aimless and empty, like she didn’t know he was her direction and what filled her heart. 

She couldn’t believe they had actually said the words out loud. This was where so many books end, protagonists joined in an embrace, looking forward to their long and happy future. But she and Finn didn’t have a happy future guaranteed for them. True, no one had a guarantee, but many people didn’t have this gulf between them. And on top of everything, Finn was gone. He had embraced her, told her again that he loved her, taken his small case, and left. It was so strange, she’d been thrilled by those three words, I and you, joined by love, but now she was deep in despair. In the book that Finn had taken with him for his journey, an old man says that it is impossible to love and to part. She didn’t know when she’d see him again, and she couldn’t just spend all of that time pining away. She’d go mad again, or become madder still.

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