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Anna | 23 | Italy | Book Blogger
La Tana di una Booklover

Music. Computer. Books. Coffee. And tea.
Addicted to TV Series and devoted to Italian Male Volley National Team.
This is not a spoiler free blog!

I will go down with these ships:
    Olicity (Oliver/Felicity-Arrow), Marlie (Mike/Charlie-Graceland), Destiel (Dean/Castiel-Supernatural), Sterek (Stiles/Derek-Teen Wolf), Scisaac (Scott/Isaac-Teen Wolf), Pydia (Peter/Lydia-Teen Wolf), Jaienne (Jaime/Brienne-GoT), Joanlock (Joan/Sherlock-Elementary), Swanfire (Emma/Neal-Once Upon a Time), Rinn (Rae/Finn-My Mad Fat Diary), Ichabbie (Ichabod/Abbie-Sleepy Hollow), FitzSimmons (Leo Fitz/Jemma Simmons- Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Knalice (Will/Alice-OUAT in Wonderland), Dandy (Danny/Mindy-The Mindy Project), LoVe (Logan/Veronica-Veronica Mars) Outlaw Queen (Regina/Robin Hood-Once Upon a Time)