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Music. Computer. Books. Coffee. And tea.
Addicted to TV Series and devoted to Italian Male Volley National Team.
This is not a spoiler free blog!

I will go down with these ships:
    Olicity (Oliver/Felicity-Arrow), Marlie (Mike/Charlie-Graceland), Destiel (Dean/Castiel-Supernatural), Sterek (Stiles/Derek-Teen Wolf), Scisaac (Scott/Isaac-Teen Wolf), Pydia (Peter/Lydia-Teen Wolf), Jaienne (Jaime/Brienne-GoT), Joanlock (Joan/Sherlock-Elementary), Swanfire (Emma/Neal-Once Upon a Time), Rinn (Rae/Finn-My Mad Fat Diary), Ichabbie (Ichabod/Abbie-Sleepy Hollow), FitzSimmons (Leo Fitz/Jemma Simmons- Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Knalice (Will/Alice-OUAT in Wonderland), Dandy (Danny/Mindy-The Mindy Project), LoVe (Logan/Veronica-Veronica Mars) Outlaw Queen (Regina/Robin Hood-Once Upon a Time)

Favorite bands!

My sweet gushington-central tagged me and so I’m going to list my5 fave bands!

1. Subsonica (always, forever and ever)

2. Red Hot Chili Peppers

3. Colplay

4. Imagine Dragons

5. Kings of Leon

So yes, as you can see my fave bands play very different music genders, and they belong to different periods of my life. I’ve always loved RHCP, since I was a child, because my dad loves them too and I met Subsonica and Colplay when I was a teenager.
KOL and Imagine Dragons are two of my fave band from my young-adult period.

I have to mention some other bands I love: Muse, Paramore, 30STM, Placebo,Blink 182, Bullet for My Valentine, UnderOATH, Linkin Park Oasis, Sum 41, OneReplublic, The Fray, The Temper Trap, Bombay Bycicle Club, Bastille, and last but not least, my fave solo artist ever, Ed Sheeran, who made my life better with their music.


The prayers of the Neeks Club have been answered!
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→ 'Outlander' Renewed for Season 2 on Starz



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More Sam! Yay! 

" You burn through my mind again and again "



Cold shower. Give me a cold shower.
Damn lips.

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