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The Station, Chapter Ten


Fandom: My Mad Fat Diary

AU Synopsis: Rae moves to the seaside town, Croyde, where Chloe’s family has a vacation house. She’ll live there over the summer with Chloe’s family and work as an intern at a local radio station before heading off to her first year of university in the Fall in London. Upon arriving, she meets everyone in the gang and starts developing unexpected relationships.

Fic Master Table of Contents

The summer so far…

Chapter One | Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapter Seven Chapter Eight | Chapter Nine


Chapter Ten

“Rae…” Finn studied her a few moments. “Come on. Let’s go to the kitchen, don’t want to wake Archie or his parents.” He motioned for her to follow him, flipping off the hall light on their way. 

In the kitchen, Finn turned on the light and leaned against the counter. Rae stood across from him, pressing her hip into the butcher block island a few feet away. Leaning forward, he placed the diary next to her before slumping backwards, crossing his arms over his chest. He nodded his head forward. “I don’t know what that means.” 

Rae looked around the room uncomfortably. “I needed to do something and I couldn’t wait until morning. I had to tell you anything to try and undo before, even if you were asleep. I talk to you in my head all the time and I had to get some of it out.”

You have got to tell me something that makes sense. “Why didn’t you talk to me earlier? You left me.” 

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No chance I’m letting go.

I’ll probably never be tired to tell anyone how amazing this story is.
And I loved this chapter even more. Tons of feelings!
Finn, I mean…He’s so Finn. You found the right way to build this character in your way but mantaining all the finnlicious things from the show, and the same you did with Rae, and the result is simply amazing.
I loved the plot, the characters…everything.
And I’m probably saying this for the 10th time, but as I told you, I’ll never get tired to say this! 

Fic responses for “Keep your heart strong - Part 2 “

Hey there Emus!
This are the fic responses to “Keep your heart strong - Part 2”.
I’m so late with these answers, but I’ve been so busy in this last period. 
Luckily I have only two weeks left for Uni and then I’ll be on holiday…for two weeks. 
But this is not that important so…here are the responses!

thisissomefreshbullshit said: YES! I’m so happy you continued this amazing fic! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. anniecaffeine, your writing just gets better and better. This was lovely, sweet and heartfelt. The relationship between Rae and Finn in this is wonderful. Oh and the ending was PERFECT. So many feels caused by this beautiful fic :D

Oh my. I have no words to say how happy I am to read this.
I never thought I’d be able to give people feelings with my writing so I’m just so happy and touched to read this.
Thanks so much for reading!

paleasalabaster said: I love the scene where Rae is drying Finn’s hair and he is ‘like a cat wanting more cuddles’. It sets the scene perfectly for his internal monologue. So cute. You can literally feel the goosebumps on his neck. We usually see Finn portrayed as a puppy, which is great because of his big brown eyes, but the cat comparison works just as well IMO. Love your writing, can’t wait for next installment.

Finn is definitely a puppy, but you know, I could imagine him just as a little cat while Rae was drying his hair. It came out really spontaneous, I didn’t plan it at all.
Glad you liked it, I’m so, so happy to read this comment!

rxsette said: Omg! I’ve been waiting for this! Tag me for the next parts. This was so lovely!

Thanks for reading! I’m so glad you liked it!
I don’t think I’ll write other parts of this story, I think it found its ending with this chapter.

arashian-emu said: Thank you for Tag me ~Awww so sweet!!! All love to Rinn!

Rinn inspire me a lot of sweetness and fluffness :)

kneekeyta said: Love this! ‘Maybe, you just have to shut me up again’ oh the happy feels ☺️☺️

So happy you liked it!
Sometimes I have no idea of what I write -so happened with this sentence- but I’m glad to know it worked!

rinncincin said: i love it! your writing is so beautiful!!!

Awww, thanks! I’m happy you liked it and even more happy you enjoyed my writing!

I want to thank each and everyone of you people who read it, liked it  and shared it. Thanks from the bottom of my emu heart!
I hope to come back soon with a new fic.
Send you all a big hug and wish you the best summer holidays!